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Who can apply?

Application is open without any age limit, date of diploma or nationality. Requirement for previous training are defined by the partnering Doctoral Schools, and typically include a master degree or equivalent in a discipline relevant to public health.

Candidates for the Doctoral Network must be 1st year PhD students enrolled in the doctoral programme of a partnering Doctoral School . Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances, eg, if the thesis supervisor has research relations with EHESP or one of the partnering Doctoral Schools.

Candidates for doctoral scholarships that are awarded through the Doctoral Network must have a thesis project that has received preliminary validation by one of the partnering Doctoral Schools , hold a master degree or equivalent, and not have any employment contract for the thesis period.

Before applying

You need to find a thesis director who holds a habilitation to supervise research (HDR). You seek preliminary validation by the doctoral school which your thesis director is affiliated with.

The Doctoral Network can help you to find a thesis director in a partnering Doctoral School. For that, please send your CV and research project to

To apply

Complete the online application form and attach the required documents:

  • letter of motivation,
  • CV,
  • diplomas with grades, ranking and distinction,
  • preliminary validation by the Doctoral School’s director,
  • research project,
  • letters of recommendation (one of your thesis director),
  • proof of funding or employment if applicable.

This application form allows applying for both the Doctoral Network and a doctoral scholarship awarded through the Doctoral Network. If you wish to apply for a doctoral scholarship, please check the corresponding box on the form (section ” finance “).

For enrolment during the academic year 2014-2015, the deadline for application for a doctoral scholarship is May 25, 2014 and December 31, 2014 for plain enrolment in the Doctoral Network.

Register online for 2014-2015! (Application form in French)

After sending the application form, you should see a notice on the web page, and receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been received. If you do not see these confirmations, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

Auditions (only in the case of an application for a doctoral scholarship)

The second round of selection for scholarship consists of an interview with the scholarship jury. During this interview, you will present your research project in English (15 minutes) and answer the jury’s questions during 10 minutes (both in French and English). This interview session is scheduled for July 10, 2014 in Paris.

The selection criteria

For a doctoral contract

The application is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Scientific quality of the thesis project: Scientific originality or innovation, scientific quality (correspondence between hypotheses, methodology and resources), accurate and understandable presentation of the project.
  • Feasibility: data access, availability and sources of required skills, appropriate schedule, taking into account ethical and regulatory issues
  • Relevance to Public Health: the project’s potential to produce results of importance to to Public Health
  • Interdisciplinarity of the research approach (see list of disciplinary sections of the Doctoral Network)
  • Motivation to join the doctoral Network: quality of the letter of motivation for the purpose of a multidisciplinary training and international experience
  • Quality of the candidate: general curriculum vitae, research experience, letters of recommendation
  • Relevance for one fo the following areas, which are the priority themes proposed for the 2014-2018 COP EHESP: analysis of social and health policies; organization and management of health services, , environment and health, the health protection, health promotion and prevention)

If the application is accepted, the candidate is interviewed and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Presentation: attitude, clarity of presentation, attention and response to criticism, expression, and quality of materials
  • Intellectual capacities: expertise in the research field, capacity for attention and selection relevant facts, ability to understand questions and provide relevant answers, universal education
  • Doctoral potential: research experience and career, career plans after the thesis
  • Commitment to an multidisciplinary approach in Public Health, training or previous work experience in a field of public health, and potential to put these into practice.
  • The jury evaluates the skills of free communication in both French and English (confirmed speaker, learning in progress, no skills).

To enroll in the Doctoral Network

  • Capacity of free oral communication in French and English at the beginning of the thesis
  • Quality of the letter of motivation
  • Multidisciplinarity of the proposed approach for the research
  • Quality of the financing of the thesis (secured funding)
  • Priority may be given to doctoral students with an international thesis director (joint supervision or not)
  • Priority is given to candidates enrolled in a partnering Doctoral School.

After your selection

If you are selected for a doctoral scholarship or to enrol in the Doctoral Network, you need to send a proof of your Doctoral School registration and of your funding source.

Modified on 30 April 2014