The national doctoral course in occupational health is backed by:

DGT Direction générale du travail (The Labour Directorate)
INRS-French National Research and Safety Institute
ANSES-French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety
Santé Publique France
DGS Direction générale de la santé
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Training and credits


Created in 2016, the national doctoral course in occupational health coordinated by the EHESP is an initiative which enters into the 3rd 2016-2020 occupational health care plan (PST3), result of the discussions between social partners.

The objectives of this course are to draw candidates of excellence to the “occupational health” research theme, and to improve visibility of the theme and of the research teams working in this field, to create greater national and international attractiveness.

The course has 3 main functions:

  • to award doctoral contracts after selection of the best candidates;
  • to allocate mobility grants for working in another laboratory during the PhD in France or abroad;
  • to facilitate access to top level “occupational health” training by certification of special doctoral seminars and allocation of grants for following the seminars.

Also, peer discussions are facilitated since the as part of the course, the PhD students meet with other PhD students and professors and researchers in similar or additional disciplines to their speciality. Those that wish to will be able to participate in the public health doctoral network on certain conditions.

Attention, course applicants should be enrolled in a doctoral school.

Training and credits

PhD students with a doctoral contract on the occupational health doctoral course are subject to the obligations of their doctoral school. They conduct their research project with their host laboratory and pursue the training provided by their doctoral school. Also, PhD students must:

  • Follow the training seminars on top of those offered in their doctoral school, certified by the occupational health doctoral course scientific board, in view of validating 15 credits, at least 9 of which outside the PhD field of discipline or by following interdisciplinary events. The following scale applies: 1 day = 1 credit, 2 days = 1.5, 3 days = 2, 4 days = 2.5 and 5 days = 3.
  • Present a progress report on their work to the Scientific Board and to the OHDC Orientation Committee each year.
  • Write a synopsis in the third year of the PhD, presenting the thesis results, by placing them in perspective with the objectives of the Occupational Health Plan 3.
  • Participate in other activities, chosen among: interdisciplinary seminars and scientific meetings within the EHESP public health doctoral network, institutional activities in their doctoral school.

They are also encouraged to carry out research in a laboratory other than their own, especially abroad. These elements are subject to change by the scientific board of the national doctoral course in occupational health.

Certified seminars

Seminars certified by the OHDC SB and training offered within the public health doctoral network coordinated by the EHESP (interdisciplinary seminars, scientific meetings). This opens a window to other disciplines and brings occupational health into a public health perspective. This training is also offered to PhD students without a doctoral contract under the occupational health doctoral course.


Applications for a doctoral contract on the national doctoral course in occupational health for 2018/2019 are closed.

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Feel free to contact the national doctoral course team for more information:

Christophe PARIS
MD, PhD – President of the Scientific Council of the National doctoral course in occupational health Team ESTER, INSERM U1085 – IRSET

Professor and researcher in the Department of environmental and occupational health and sanitary engineering – Scientific coordinator – EHESP

Emmanuelle GUÉVARA
Coordinator of the Public health Doctoral Network and the National doctoral course in occupational health – Research department (DR) – EHESP
Tel : +33 (0)2 99 02 27 95 (Emmanuelle Guevara) or +33 (0)2 99 02 26 69 (Véronique Daubas-Letourneux)

Modified on 15 November 2018