Studying or working at the EHESP School of Public Health and interested in a mobility experience abroad ?
You will find here all the necessary information regarding your opportunity for an experience abroad.


EHESP Students

Exchange programmes

EUROPE : Erasmus +

The EHESP School of Public Health has signed Erasmus + partnership agreements. As a student of the EHESP School of Public Health, you have the possibility to study or to undertake a placement abroad.

Erasmus + grant can help you finance your stay abroad. To apply for an Erasmus+ grant, you must be enrolled on a degree/diploma course at the EHESP School of Public Health.The study period must be for at least 3 months or the placement period must be for at least 2 months.

With Erasmus+ program, additional support is available for people with disabilities.

For further information, please contact The International Mobility Centre

OUTSIDE Europe : Other programmes

EHESP School of Public Health has signed partnership agreements with prestigious higher education establishments outside the European Union, which facilitate student exchanges in the context of international placements.


International Placements

Students enrolled on a minimum 1 year course at the EHESP School of Public Health  have the possibility of doing a 1 to 6 month placement abroad. As well as being a high point in training, placements enable students to:

  • Gain understanding of health and welfare issues of the host country
  • Become accustomed to a new local  system
  • Contribute to a research or institutional cooperation project
  • Refine their career project and broaden their professional and academic network
  • Meet professionals and put their expertise into practice in the field

Are you a member of a healthcare or social facility or organisation seeking to entrust a mission to one of our students?

Jobteaser is a tool which allows you to centralize internship or job offers. A tutorial will help you publish an internship offer on the platform. If you need more details, please contact the International Mobility Center.

Take a look at our international placement calendar and leaflet (pdf, 302 ko)

In 2019, 84 students took part in international placements in 26 different countries, hospitals, health services and NGOs. Up until now, more than 900 establishments or institutions have already hosted an intern from the EHESP School of Public Health.

The International Forum: an annual event dedicated to international placements

International Forum 2023

International Forum 2023

The EHESP International Forum is a real moment of exchange. It allows students returning from their placement abroad to present their experience and promote it among placement tutors, EHESP teachers and current students. The presence of international placement tutors at the event enriches the many debates in which students, lecturers and researchers from the EHESP School of Public Health all participate.

Have a look at the International Forum 2023 program (in French – pdf, 2Mo).





Several grants for ‘study’ or ‘placement’ mobility are managed by the EHESP School of Public Health. The International mobility centre of the International Relations Department is responsible for the attribution of scholarships such as Erasmus + (European Commission) and also from the Ministry of higher education and research (website in French). These grants are aimed at students enrolled at the EHESP School of Public Health (French or international students).

For further information, please contact the International Mobility Centre

Lecturers, researchers and EHESP Staff

The EHESP School of Public Health supports and values the missions of its lecturers and researchers in European and international partner universities and higher education institutions. It is all about exchanging disciplinary competences, experiences and discovering new méthodologies.

Exchange programmes

EUROPE : Erasmus +

Lecturers and researchers can be awarded an Erasmus grant as part of a prior bilateral agreement.
These teaching missions present the following characteristics and demands:

  • the lecturer-researcher has to teach for at least 8 hours weekly as part of training programmes at the partner institution
  • the grant is most often awarded for a period of one week (around 600€)

This grant can also be used to invite a European professional to teach on a course module.

OUTSIDE Europe : Other Programmes

The EHESP International Relations Department supports partnership development initiatives outside Europe in order to encourage deeper collaboration – whether in research, training or support activities– with privileged partner institutions and countries.

This strengthening of international partnerships (outside the EU) takes the form of missions abroad for research, teaching and management staff at the EHESP School of Public Health, or welcoming strategic partners to France.

For more information, please contact the International Mobility Centre

Administrative Staff mobility

Administrative staff can benefit from mobility grants for a training period in a partner institution or an external organisation.

For more information, please contact the International Mobility Centre

Prepare your mobility

Created in 2015, PERL offers innovative training courses. The EHESP has developed online resources in English as part of International Exchange Program for students and staff. Please note: you must already be registered at the EHESP to benefit from this service.
Access to PERL resources in English and French on REAL.

ALIVE workshop – 2019

ALIVE (Linguistic and Intercultural Support Via an Online Environment) is an EHESP device, which allows learners to prepare for an international mobility experience, to support them in their reflection throughout the internship, and to help them take a step back from their experience. It is a hybrid program, both online and face-to-face.


Meet international or local students in Rennes for language exchanges, to prepare for international mobility, take advantage of the network of international students, find accommodation on site or find an internship…
In Rennes, an innovative project

The International Forum is also a way to learn about internship sites and to exchange with students who have left before, as well as with representatives of the partner structures invited.

Diplomatic representations in France and abroad

While abroad, you should introduce yourself to the embassy or the consulate of your country. These representatives are the chosen intermediary in the event of administrative issues or travelling advice.
French embassies abroad, foreign embassies and consulates in France

Accounts of international placement experiences


Graduated from Master of Public Health

“The internship at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health has given me a chance to build my professional experience and networks at the same time. It was such great opportunity having worked with many renowned experts in the research field of HIV/AIDS and HCV research, and Health Economics. Not only did I integrate theory and knowledge from our classes into practice, but I also improved the field of my interest and learned new skills.

It was fortunate to spend a good amount of time living in and enjoying an exceptional city like New York City, while earning a remarkable experience with our partner university, where you could live, learn, and create unforgettable memories. I was content and would highly recommend the opportunity I had to any other student who wants to have a similar experience.”

Valéry RIDDE, Ph.D

Public Health Associate Professor at the University of Montreal, Canada

“The Public Health Research Institute of the University of Montreal (IRSPUM) had the honour of hosting an intern from the EHESP School of Public Health. The research project in which the student was involved dealt with health issues of migrants not covered by health insurance in Montreal. The exchange of practices and research methods used in France and Europe was beneficial to enhance the methodology of the project. The student always had new ideas and solutions to offer. His contribution was essential to the success of the improved method of recruitment. ”





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