This training course is aimed at successful candidates in the internal or external competitive examinations. The order of 30 October 1990 gives the EHESP responsibility for providing such training.


Duration: 4 weeks

Those who have been successful in the competitive exam work as probationer civil servants for one year. During this period they undergo 4 weeks of training.
The training covers:

  • Environmental health in practice: missions, general and specific environmental health law, organisations,
  • Use of management and communication tools and techniques including during times of crisis

At the end of the one-year work placement the probationer health engineering manager writes an end-of-probation report which is presented and discussed before a selection committee with a view to being made permanent.


Internal competitive examination

Open to civil servants with 5 years experience in an administration, service or category A post.

External competitive examination

The external competitive examination is open to candidates from member states of the European Community or from states that are parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area who hold a health engineering manager masters degree from the EHESP French School of Public Health and a public health, environment or planning related masters degree in engineering (the masters degree must be on the list set by the order).


Status: category A civil servant

Health engineering managers’ responsibilities cover both health and the environment. They carry out high-level technical work within regional health and social welfare administrations.

Health engineering managers are responsible for designing and implementing preventative and curative measures aimed at protecting public health from environmental and lifestyle linked risks. Areas of expertise include water (drinking water, water used for leisure activities etc.), air pollution, noise pollution, diet and waste.
In that capacity, he or she contributes to environmental health surveillance, the technical supervision of hygiene rules, the incorporation of health objectives in planning and infrastructure policies and the management and control of serious environmental accidents.

Health engineering managers are responsible for supervisory duties and temporary or permanent inspection assignments.


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To find out more about the job and eligibility criteria for the competitive examination, visit the website of the Ministry of Health.

Modified on 12 March 2021