This course is aimed at successful candidates in the internal or external competitive examinations.

Initial training

Duration: 1 year

Successful candidates in the competitive examinations become probationer civil servants. They take a one-year initial training course at the EHESP.

The job

Category: category A executive

Health design engineers assist with the implementation of preventative and curative measures aimed at protecting public health from environmental and lifestyle risk factors.

In that capacity, he or she contributes to environmental health monitoring, the technical supervision of hygiene rules, the incorporation of health objectives in planning and infrastructure policies and the management and control of serious environmental accidents.

As a technical expert, the health design engineer is involved in environmental health risk management in both natural and man-made (agricultural, industrial) environments: water, air, habitats, waste, and soil.

He or she carries out his or her duties under the auspices of the environmental health division of the Ministry of Health under the authority of a health engineering manager. He or she is assigned to a département (county) or region.

His or her duties include:

  • Assembling, keeping up-to-date and developing the information and data needed to assess the health of the environment,
  • Defend proposed decisions and justify any actions taken to manage health risks,
  • Direct the implementation of health risk management policies and activities using administrative mechanisms (permits, controls, inspections etc.)
  • Communicate with the public about environmental health issues so as to support the authority of the health establishment and increase public awareness through education, and the promotion and popularisation of environmental health.


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