Interested in the impacts of the environment on human health?

Become a specialist in health risk assessment and management in view of a career or research course, and choose the Master 2 in public health, health and general environmental risks, a top level training course dispensed by the EHESP School of Public Health and University of Paris.


The Master 2 in public health, health and general environmental risks covers the field of the relationships between the physical environment and health.
The objectives are to understand the principles and bases to health environment interventions and to manage the methods and tools required to assess the impact of the environment on human health.

Two courses are on offer:

Research course

  • for an in-depth look at methodology (epidemiology, exposure assessment, toxicology, etc.) to apply it to research into environmental risk-related concerns,
  • to be able to develop innovative methods and tools for assessing environmental risks.

Professional course

  • to use the integrated approach to health risk assessment, knowing how to identify relevant scientific data,
  • to interpret, in their context, the results of studies on the quality of environments, epidemiological studies or risk assessment, to contribute to the decision-making process.


Location: University of Paris,University of Paris-Saclay and EHESP School of Public Health, depending on the course selected

Duration: from 1st September 2023 to 30 September 2024

Teaching Language: French

ECTS: 60 per year

Semester 1

Core curriculum

  • behaviour of substances in the environment. Environmental physics, chemistry and microbiology
  • environmental epidemiology
  • professional and environmental toxicology
  • evaluation of exposure to xenobiotics
  • health risk assessment procedures

Semester 2

For the research course (5 modules, 4 of the 5 basic modules and 1 optional)

  • in-depth environmental epidemiology methodologies
  • environmental toxicology methods
  • environmental microbiology methods
  • environmental biostatistics and information systems
  • professional risk assessment and management

For the professional course (4 of the 5 basic modules and 1 optional)

  • initiation into health risk management
  • assessment of chemical risks: regulatory, organisational and practical aspects
  • assessment of urban environmental risks
  • assessment of indoor environmental risks
  • assessment of industrial environmental risks

Semesters 1 and 2

  • 6 months Work Placement

Career openings

National or local administrations responsible for health or the environment, national agencies operating in the environmental health field, international bodies, industrial groups, in particular in the chemicals, power and environment fields, consultants, NGOs, etc.


Students, health professionals, environmental practitioners


The Master’s degree is open to:

  • students who have a one-year public health Master’s degree or other one-year Master’s degree or hold an equivalent diploma for the speciality they wish to study
  • professionals who have a one-year Master’s degree 1 (or equivalent professional experience) who wish to take a professional development course to deepen their knowledge and skills in the environmental health field.


Applications for 2024-2025 academic year are closed.



Cyrille HARPET, enseignant-chercheur département santé environnement travail à l’EHESP

Vincent BESSONEAU, directeur du LERES et du département santé environnement travail à l’EHESP


Betty Chauvin, EHESP
T. +33 (0)2 99 02 26 72 –

Admission office

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